Monday, May 18, 2009

Snow/Mud Rally - 4-3-09

This was a really fun little cruise that we put together. We had a great turn out, and a wide variety of vehicles; ranging from an older MR2, some AWD turbo powered cars, and even a Range Rover. We brought the rover to be our recovery vehicle if things went bad and we got any of the cars stuck again. We brought a grill along this time as well to cook some brats which were amazing. None of the cars got stuck this time but both of the STIs that were there got flat tires somehow. We had a donut swapped onto one and it was still ripping but the other STI had to be towed out due to the lack of having an accessible donut (custom subwoofer box was in the way, WOOPS!). It was a great time and I thank all who attended. Now, on to the mess, enjoy!

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Evo VIII & 1gb TSI - 2-24-09

Some recent images of my Talon and Dustin's Evo VIII. Enjoy!

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Custom R1 & GSX-R 750 - 2-22-09

A small little photo shoot for a friend with some amazing motorcycles!

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